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Competitor Information

So you want to compete in a Forklift Competition but not quite sure if you’re up to the task? Below is an outline of what one might be expect bearing in mind that the objective of this competition is to celebrate operator excellence, showcasing the importance of operator skills, while raising awareness of forklift safety.

Sign In

When you arrive at the BBT make your way to the registration table of “The BIG Lift Competition”. This is where you will check in and we can confirm your name, competitor number and registration pack and have you sign a participant waiver. The waiver is required by the insurance company and has lots of fun legal wording.

Course Orientation

Approximately 1 hour before the competition begins we will gather the crowd, welcome everyone to the event, and give a general overview of the day. Then competitors will complete a course orientation with the judges for their specific course.  The judges will walk the group through the obstacle course step by step, task by task and answer any questions you may have. Once the orientation is complete the group will leave the obstacle course area and the competition will begin.


Scoring is made up of three criteria:

  1. The number of obstacle course demerits
  2. Your course time
  3. The number of incorrect answers on the written and pre-operational test.

In all cases you are trying to get the lowest score possible (just like in golf) – lowest number of obstacle course demerit points, lowest course time and fewest incorrect answers on the written test.

  • Obstacle Course Scoring – (Your Goal: Lowest number of demerit points) – the judges will give you demerit points for every error during your run. This could be hitting a cone/pallet, not looking backwards before backing up etc. The judges will then total your demerit points at the end of the run. The judges will not return the scoring sheet to you at the end of your run or do a de-brief. Once you have completed your run you leave the obstacle course area so the course can be reset and the next competitor can begin their run
  • Obstacle Course Timing– (Your Goal: Lowest Course Time) – during your obstacle course run you will be timed.   It is important to note that you are trying to be EFFICIENT as opposed to be FAST.   If you go too fast and lose your load or one of your wheels comes off the ground you can be disqualified.
  • Written Test Scoring– (Your Goal: To achieve a minimum pass mark of 80% or better) – you will complete a multiple choice test based on the Department of Labour Code of Practice for Operating an Industrial Lift Truck.  Unanswered questions are marked as incorrect.  You can write the test any time after the competition begins (seating space in the test area permitting). The test must be completed and handed in before the end of competitor’s obstacle course runs for the day.  You are responsible for making sure that you complete the test.

Judging Criteria

Many potential competitors wonder if they have to have special skills in order to compete. The obstacle course is based on basic forklift skills but just under closer tolerances (for example instead of a 3500mm aisle you will navigate a course that has pylons only slightly wider than the forklift).

Here are some examples of the judging criteria:

  • Operates at a safe speed
  • Maintains a clear view of the travel path and looks in direction of travel
  • Checks to the rear before reversing
  • Avoids obstacles (cones, barrels, etc)
  • Load is fully engaged on the forks
  • Load is properly placed on floor or racking

In the event of a tie, a show down of skill level will continue whereby the operators will be required to complete a timed task which will requires some technical execution.

Competitor Summary

Before the Competition

  • Study for the written test
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

On the Day of the Competition

  • Sign In – Check In at Registration Table / Sign Participant Waiver
  • Course Orientation – Judges walk competitors through the obstacle course
  • Written Test – Multiple choice test taken before the completion of the obstacle course run.
  • Pre-operation evaluation – Verbal evaluation identifying condition of equipment prior to operation (lowest demerit points)
  • Obstacle Course Run – Do the run as safely (lowest demerit points) and efficiently (lowest time) that you can.
  • Award Ceremony – Venue will be advised over the course of the competition.

Entry Form

Entry Form

(*) denotes mandatory field

YES, I hold a valid and current forklift operator certificate. *

Attach your licence *

I'm unable to attach a copy of my licence, I will bring it on the dayI've attached a copy of my licence via the button below

Select licence

YES, I will be available on Sunday 1st November if I progress to compete in the finals. *

YES, I will be wearing suitable clothing and footwear. *

I agree to the use of my photo for marketing purposes only

Tick your preferred heat date: Friday 30th OctoberSaturday 31st October

Driver Details







ABE and Lowie Recruitment reserves the right to decline an application if the number of entrants exceeds the planned number for the event or if the details of the forklift licence of the applicant are not current. Employees of AB Equipment are not eligible to enter.


Special BIG LIFT spectator entry prices

Visitor Tickets


Spectator tickets are bought through iTICKET for entry to Big Boys Toys. A special pre-sale daily or weekend pass is available for The Big Lift  at a discounted rate. These rates are better than gate pricing and multi day passes are not available at the expo gates.

  • $16 single day.


Use the drop down menu QUANTITY.

Click Add to cart.

Click Proceed to Checkout.

At the bottom of the screen you will see three blue boxes headed:

The tickets you have selected qualify for the following discounts.

In the box headed “Promotional Code”

Enter BigLift” in both cells, Enter Code, Confirm Code.

Click Apply.

The discounted rate will now apply.

Proceed to Checkout or Quick Checkout via Facebook Login, and complete the ticket purchase process.

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